POWERTEC produces motor products used to power production equipment such as indexing machinery to others that turn raw materials like plastic into finished building products. Our motor products are made to perform and provide solutions for OEMs construction and building product companies.

POWERTEC has provided motors based on MIL-DTL-17060G (SH), MIL-S-901D Grade “A” shock, Marine Duty IEEE 841 and IEEE45. POWERTEC Motors are controlling radar antennas (land & shipboard), valve actuators, rotary compressors, fire retardant pumps and ventilation pumps. Also, POWERTEC has provided larger Brushless motors for Steering Gear, Kingpost, Padeye, Rudder Control, Advance Gun System, Test Stands and various Winches. 

POWERTEC manufactures efficient, innovative motor products providing effective solutions for all types of material handling applications. From powering winch operation on large shoveling equipment to others that move raw materials of all types through manufacturing, packaging and warehouse processes and then onto transportation to its final customer designation.

POWERTEC designs and manufactures a wide range of motor products for mining and drilling applications. From powerful motors powering Arctic Ice drilling operations to other unique mining operation motors, POWERTEC products are built to meet the demanding, severe conditions and challenges of the mining and drilling industry. Many mine operators; mining and drilling OEMs rely on the quality, products manufactured by POWERTEC.

From exploration to processing, transportation and delivery, POWERTEC manufacture brushless motor products to maintain a continuous flow-through vital to this market. Many petro-chemical OEMs and end-users use POWERTEC Motors to help them insure full supply lines to their customers.

POWERTEC manufactures a variety of brushless motor products used in alternative energy power generation systems. We manufacture standard and custom brushless motors utilized by end users and OEM customers. POWERTEC Industrial Motors uses innovative technologies to produce motor products to help improve energy efficiency and provide top performance for power generation solutions.

POWERTEC designs and manufactures superior products for demanding electro-mechanical, power transmission applications. OEMs and end users know POWERTEC Brushless Motors deliver effective performance, are designed to eliminate down-time, provide long term service and reduce costly maintenance.

PowerTEC Industrial Motors specific industry applications

  • Automotive Performance Test Stands

  • Alternative Transportation

  • Anchor Windlass

  • Electric Shovels

  • Electric Turbine Starters

  • Oil Drilling Rigs

  • Dippers

  • High-Voltage Compressor

  • Hoist

  • Indexing Machinery

  • Marine Capstans, Cranes & Winches

  • Military Gun Systems

  • Mining Winches

  • Material Handling / Packaging Machinery

  • Naval Missle Antenna Arrays

  • Plastic Blow / Injection Molding

  • Pumps

  • Ventilation Fans

PowerTEC Offers:

Size: POWERTEC’s Brushless Motor technology provides the smallest motor capable of continuous duty, high RMS applications in 40◦C ambient, not 25◦C like most traditional servo motors.

Performance: POWERTEC’s high torque-to-inertia ratio provides the best performance motor. Our motors are available in NEMA standards base speeds and custom speeds.

Efficiency: No slip losses and a stator design similar to an induction motor enables POWERTEC Brushless motors with their permanent magnet rotors to provide the highest efficiency available.