Our Services

Technical Services

POWERTEC is not an ordinary motor company. Our manufacturing and service strengths are producing small and large, high performance, high efficiency motors made your way. POWERTEC can engineer a new motor design, build it to your print or assist you with a variety of technical and engineering support services.

POWERTEC can design and produce a motor to meet demanding industrial applications. From motors designed to perform in the most severe environmental work site conditions to a small size, high efficiency motor producing bi-directional power with a Cyclic rate up to 100 cycles per second, we can develop a motor product to answer your needs. If your application require a motor product generating high speed (20,000 rpms) or high torque (900 lb ft), POWERTEC has the engineering experience and expertise to help you design and produce a motor to do the job.


POWERTEC provides our customers with a comprehensive range of repair services on any of our drive and/or motors.