Brushless Motors

POWERTEC’s selection of motor enclosures TENV, TEWC, TEPV, DPFG and DPBV offer you a wide choice of suitable motor enclosures and mountings for virtually any industrial environment. The motors are available with NEMA foot mountings; NEMA C-face, D-flange and Metric (IEC) mountings are also available. POWERTEC can engineer a new motor design and/or build it to your print.

These brushless DC motors use efficient ceramic ferrite permanent magnets bonded to the rotor to produce the magnetic field. Thus, there are no losses in the motor due to rotor induction currents. All of the current delivered to the brushless DC motor is used to develop torque.

The powerful and lightweight permanent magnet rotor design provides low rotor inertia for high torque to inertia ratios in a relatively small frame. This high torque density equates to a very responsive motor with high starting and running torque, rapid start-stop capabilities and smooth operation over the entire speed range.

The brushless DC motor is a true synchronous motor. The rotor field is always in sync with the excitation field; it does not have losses due to slip. This factor, inherent to brushless DC design, combined with various primary and secondary feedback options, allows for precise speed and torque control.

Reliable, low-maintenance brushless DC motors do not have any brushes to replace or a commutator to wear out. Little heat is generated in the rotor allowing the bearings to run cooler while increasing bearing life. Factory mounted feedback devices are integral to the motor and eliminate high maintenance couplings.

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Motor Features

  • Brushless Technology

  • Optimum Permanent Magnet Design

  • NEMA Enclosures & Mounting Options

  • Patented Double-finned, Aluminum Frame

  • Oversized Bearings pressed into Steel bearing, Clamped Rear Bearing (NEMA 140 to 320 Frames)

  • Integral Shaft Mounted Hall Sensors or Resolver & Encoder

  • Numerous Winding Configurations for various Horsepower and Speed Requirements

  • Robust Stator has: Concentric Coil Windings, Inverter Duty Insulation System and proprietary Trickle Varnish Process

  • Class H Insulation with Class F Temperature Rise

  • Near Unity Power Factor at all speeds & loads

  • 0% Speed Regulation

  • Standard Two Year Warranty


  • Reliable, high-performance motor technology

  • Provides longer service life, virtually maintenance free

  • Cooler running, low acoustic noise, same HP as other technologies in smaller motor frame

  • Low rotor inertia

  • High power density

  • High torque density

  • Providing broad end-use requirements

  • Efficient cooling of the stator assembly

  • Withstands higher shock loads than conventional cast iron enclosures

  • All thrust loads accommodated by rear bearing, increasing reliability & durability

  • No coupling, yields higher feedback resolution & accuracy

  • Flexible & versatile

  • Stator better withstands high voltage transients of PWM waveforms

  • Provides additional assurance of motor Integrity over broad temperature range

  • Eliminates costly power factor correction

  • Reduced power consumption for important energy savings

  • No slip, drift and higher throughput

  • Assured quality, reliable operation