GenesisĀ® Drives

Genesis Drives are constructed on a digital platform employing an analog user interface. This interface includes potentiometer adjustable gain, stability, current limit, acceleration, deceleration, jog speed, max speed, and min speed. Run speed is controlled using either an external potentiometer or a digital pulse train input. With precise speed control and high torque at low speeds, the Genesis Drives provide servo-like response in a highly efficient and affordable package. Genesis Drives are available in a wide selection of Model Series, including: 500, 1000, 2000 and 3000 Series with a diverse HP range from .25 up to 75.

Genesis drives provide precision control and low power consumption.

Genesis Drives employ electromechanical Hall Sensor Feedback for motor commutation. Using an analog or digital pulse train speed input, the Hall Sensor Feedback circuitry provides for 0% Speed Regulation with a Constant Torque Speed Range of 100:1 or better.

Our Genesis Drives have a near unity power factor at all motor speeds and loads. The bottom transistors of the six-transistor power stage are controlled with pulse width modulation. Utilizing this design, they draw only enough input current to provide torque to the motor.

Genesis Drives offer easy installation and maintenance.

Genesis Drives were designed for easy configuration to your application. Set-up is completed in a matter of minutes by adjusting a few potentiometers to tailor the drive performance. The interface is clearly labeled and easily accessed on the speed controller board.

The same Speed Controller Board and Current Controller Board are used in the Genesis Series 1000, 2000, 3000, 3500, and 4000 Drives. These boards are readily accessible, easily connected, and simple to configure. This Family approach to the Genesis Series Drives means smaller spare parts stock and added familiarity with the board-level operations of the drive family.

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Genesis Drive Features

  • Two or Four Quadrant Operation

  • Input AC Line Fusing

  • DC Link Choke

  • Separate Adjustable min/max Speed Control, Accelerate/Decelerate Time

  • Adjustable Gain, Stability, Current Limit & Jog Speed

  • Bi-directional Jog Function

  • Analog Speed Input 0 to +10 VDC

  • Electronic Gearing

  • Motor Speed Frequency Output

  • Analog Load Output (optional on some models)

  • Run Relay Output (optional on Model 500)

  • Fault & Zero Speed Open Collector Outputs

  • 0% Speed Regulation

  • Constant Torque Speed Range (CTSR), 100:1

  • Standard Two Year Warranty

Industrial Applications

  • Test Stands

  • Electronic Line Shafting

  • Extruders

  • Electronic Line Shafting

  • Winders

  • Pullers

  • Wire Drawing

  • Printing

  • Forest Industry Machinery

  • Tube/Rolling Mills

  • Textile Machinery

  • Punch Presses

  • Paper Converting


  • Excellent control for both regenerative and non-regenerative applications

  • Fast acting fusing provides very high interrupting capacity for ground or short circuits within or after the control input

  • Line transient protection limits the rate of change in the input current

  • Precise configuration to your application

  • Precise configuration to your application

  • Function operates in both forward and reverse in accordance with the forward/reverse input

  • Provides internal supply for analog speed pot operation or accepts 0 to +10 VDC external reference

  • Provides Uni-directional digital follower mode

  • Open collector frequency output for metering or electronic gearing in lead/follower system

  • Analog signal for metering represents150% of output current or torque

  • External run contact for customer use: 125 VAC @ 1A or 30 VDC @ 2A

  • Digital outputs indicate fault or zero speed conditions

  • Built in speed feedback/phase lock loop control provides precise speed control

  • Precise speed and current regulation during entire motor speed-torque range

  • Assured quality and reliability