PACTORQ® Brushless Servomotors

POWERTEC brushless servomotors provide high performance. Their optimized magnet circuit designs result in extremely high torque in relatively small NEMA frame sizes. In addition to high power density, other key features are high dynamic response and high efficiency. The standard frame models for these motors are 140, 180, 210, 250, 280, and 320.

The PACTORQ Motor Series delivers peak torque servo performance, energy efficient savings and high power in smaller frames helping minimize the overall size of your machines and equipment. Our optimized magnetic design incorporating high energy Neodymium or Samarium magnets provide many key benefits.

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Brushless Motor Standard Frame Sizes, Design & Construction

  • Long life Bearings and Bearing Grease

  • Patented, Double Finned Aluminum Frame

  • Selection of Industry Standard Enclosures with NEMA and Metric Mounting Options

  • Rugged IGBT Class “H” Insulation System, but Rated for Class “F” Temperature Rise

  • Flexible Design Incorporates many Options

  • UL Recognized, CE (Conformity European)

  • Two Year Warranty

Motor Features

  • Optimized Magnetic Design

  • Neodymium Magnet Type

  • Samarium Magnet Type

  • Ferrite Magnet Type

Motor Benefits

  • High dynamic response and performance

  • Rapid Start-Stop capability to position loads

  • Fast high peak Torque Ratings to move loads even faster

  • Quick speed changes for precise process control

  • Highest power density and high peak Torque Ratings in small NEMA Frame Sizes

  • Weighs less compared to similar power in other available motor technologies

  • Highest efficiency motor technology

  • Significant energy savings

  • Long trouble-free life; location flexibility with no brushes to maintain

  • Nearly maintenance-free operation

  • Thermal efficiency and lightweight

  • Diversity of product application uses

  • Standard or custom double shafts with different modifications

  • Offers solid motor integrity in wide temperature range, longer service and reduced down-time

  • Options for mounting, terminations, dual feedback devices and holding brake

  • Easy & fast quality recognition of machinery equipment

  • Effective performance and reliable service