Who We Are

POWERTEC Industrial Motors, Inc. was started in 1987. The company quickly established itself as an innovative motor and drive manufacturing company delivering products to customers with critical application requirements. Engineers, product/system designers, end users and original equipment manufacturers covering a diverse range of industrial applications and niche markets rely on the performance of the brushless motors produced by POWERTEC. Customers soon discover if they need a small or large motor capable of  delivering high performance, speed and torque…IT HAS TO BE POWERTEC.

POWERTEC offers the market a unique motor product available right out of the box, or custom modified and manufactured to be capable of applications not usually available from other manufacturers. POWERTEC manufactures a wide line of brushless motors, UL certified, from fractional to over 700HP. Our PacTorq and Ferrite Motors provide very high efficiency and performance, and much smaller size, when compared to DC motors or induction motors. POWERTEC produces NEMA-standard frame configurations with multiple options and/or we can customize an existing motor or motor design to your exact specifications. POWERTEC Industrial Motors has limited certification for self-declaring CE approval.

POWERTEC looks for and finds those applications needing something other than ordinary. POWERTEC’s manufacturing and service strengths are producing large, high performance, high efficiency motors, made your way. POWERTEC can engineer a new design, or build it to your print. We have excellent manufacturing and engineering capability for any job. We support you; the customer and we believe in long-term relationships and will provide the on-going service to maintain it.

From the icy plains of the Antarctic to large ships cruising through the world’s oceans, from outer space to deep in mines around the world, POWERTEC motors and drives are on the job and ready to do their work 24/7. Chances are, if you have a difficult or even impossible sounding motor application… POWERTEC has probably already been there and done that!