Powertec Industrial Motors, Inc. was originally founded as WERTEC in 1987. The company name changed to Powertec in 1988 and was later acquired by Pacific Scientific Company, Inc. HBD Industries acquired Powertec in 2000.

Industry Leadership

Powertec was established as an innovative motor and drive manufacturing company delivering products to customers with critical application requirements.

  • Industrial leader in high performance, high efficiency, low inertia and wide speed range motors
  • Established as an innovative motor manufacturing company
  • Engineers, product designers, end users and original equipment manufacturers rely on the performance of PMAC motors by Powertec

Manufacturing Excellence

Powertec offers a unique motor product custom modified and manufactured to be capable of applications not usually available from other manufacturers.

  • Expertise of motor production with high density, performance and efficiency resulting in long-term success
  • Manufacturing and service strengths in producing large and small motors capable of delivering high performance, speed and torque
  • Powertec received ISO-9001:2015 certification for quality management system.
  • CSA and UL certified

Custom Designed

  • Engineering team works closely with customers to deliver products with critical application requirements
  • Expertise in designing motors with different type of cooling medium including air, water, refrigerant and oil cooling
  • Engineer motors with new design or build to customer print
  • Diverse range of industrial applications and niche markets

Made in the USA

  • Powertec motors are all made in the Charlotte, NC facility