Our custom engineered motors provide added efficiency & performance at lower operating temperatures

High Speed Motors

Powertec brushless PMAC motors are designed for applications requiring high speeds, low inertia, or broad thermal limits. Our efficient and lightweight permanent magnet rotor design results in a very responsive motor design with high starting and running torque, rapid start-stop capabilities and smooth operation over the entire speed range.

High Torque Motors

Powertec PACTORQ motors are high performance brushless PMAC motors designed to provide extreme torque across the entire speed range. Their compact design allows for installations with limited space availability, without compromising performance.


Powertec motors are designed to operate with high power density, high efficiency and lower operating temperatures

  • Leads to lower energy consumption
  • Extended bearing life and lower maintenance costs
  • Reduced down-time and improved reliability
  • Resulting in long service life

Engineered highly custom and standard motor designs

  • Powertec manufactures standard NEMA frame and customized motor designs that are highly engineered to meet the toughest performance and environmental requirements.

High dynamic response and performance

  • Powertec produces motor designs that can be used in high dynamic and performance test stands and other similar applications.

Reduced power consumption for energy savings

  • Powertec motors offer the highest efficiency in the NEMA motor frames and PMAC motor designs that ensures energy savings and costs to our customers.

High efficiency motor technology

  • All Powertec motor designs are optimized to offer a minimum of 95% efficiency for all power ratings in NEMA and other motor frames.

Withstands higher shock loads

  • Powertec motors are designed to withstand high vibration and shock loads that are compliant with MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-202 or equivalent standards.



  • Rated (Continuous) power up to 400 HP
  • Peak power up to 200 percent of rated power
  • Rated (Continuous) torque up to 2200 lb-ft
  • Low rotor inertia design for improve responsiveness
    • High power density and high starting torque capabilities in all NEMA Frame sizes
    • Designs can be for continuous and intermittent duty cycles to meet customer requirements

Speed Range

  • Constant-power to constant-torque speed ranges available from 2:1 to 4: 1
  • High rotor speeds up to 12,000 RPM for standard NEMA Frames, and up to 20,000 RPM for customized designs

Ingress Protection

IIP22, IP44, IP55, IP56, Mill and chemical duty


  • 120-575 VAC


  • Low heat produced by rotor allows bearings to run cooler for increased bearing life and reduced vibration
  • Bearings are sized per application requirements
  • Multiple grease options are available, including sealed and high temperature

Lower weight compared to similar power in other technologies

Powertec motors provide high power in a smaller package that makes them ideal for applications that include:

  • Electrification
  • High-pressure hydraulic piping
  • Hydraulic start systems commonly used in gas turbines generator
  • Portable power generating units
  • Ships where space and weight savings are essential
  • Eliminating gearbox requirements in most applications

Operates in wide speed and temperature range

Powertec manufactures motors with low residual rotor unbalance to enable a wide speed range up to 15,000 RPM and ambient temperature up to 40 °C. This provides customers the flexibility to use our motors for both low- and high-speed applications without the need for speed increasing or reducing gearbox.

Low vibration and noise

  • All Powertec motors are designed and manufactured for low noise operation and maximum vibration of 0.10 inch/sec vibration severity per ISO 10816.

Standard two-year warranty