Case Study: Electric Mining Shovel


A global manufacturer of electric mining shovels required a reliable performing motor for their dipper system. Mining shovel owners and manufacturers require a dipper trip control system that works consistently with low maintenance.

Application requirements:

  • High peak torque, extreme duty cycles and operation in critical environments
  • Explosion proof, UL & ATEX required
  • Efficient and energy sound solutions include power density and thermal management
  • Flexibility for custom application solutions i.e., mounting flexibility, custom flanges, holding brake, etc.
  • Fast response across speed range


POWERTEC PACTORQ® Brushless Motors Features & Specifications

  • Optimized magnetic design
  • Neodymium, Samarium and Ferrite magnets
  • Long life bearings with grease
  • NEMA enclosures with metric mounting options
  • Rugged IGBT class “H” insulation system and rated for class “F” temperature rise
  • Flexible design incorporates many options
  • UL recognized, CE (Conformity European)
  • Meets IEC requirements
  • Designed, double finned aluminum frame
  • Temperature range of -40°C to +160°C


  • Compact power dense design for installations with limited space availability without compromising performance
  • Virtually zero losses due to rotor induction currents, reducing energy use and cost
  • Accurate speed and torque control, no losses due to slip
  • Longer service life: reduced maintenance time results in
    cost savings and less downtime


POWERTEC has been supplying these motors to the manufacturer for more than a decade with benefits:

  • Reduced cycle time with reliable door trips.
  • More loaded haul trucks per shift help lower cost per ton for the shovel owners.
  • Mining shovels with POWERTEC motors help provide a reliable trip and slack take up operation.

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