PMAc Motor features

Our custom engineered motors provide added efficiency & performance at lower operating temperatures


  • Rated (Continuous) power up to 400 HP
  • Peak power up to 200 percent of rated power
  • Rated (Continuous) torque up to 2200 lbf⋅ft
  • Low rotor inertia design for improve responsiveness
    • High power density and high starting torque capabilities in all NEMA Frame sizes
    • Designs can be for continuous and intermittent duty cycles to meet customer requirements


  • Constant-power to constant-torque speed ranges available from 2:1 to 4: 1
  • High rotor speeds up to 12,000 RPM for standard NEMA Frames, and up to 20,000 RPM for customized designs


IIP22, IP44, IP55, IP56

Mill and chemical duty


  • 120-575 VAC


  • Low heat produced by rotor allows bearings to run cooler for increased bearing life and reduced vibration
  • Bearings are sized per application requirements
  • Multiple grease options are available, including sealed and high temperature